Friday, December 7, 2012


    These are some of Barbie dolls that in their debut caught the heart of many collectors and little girls. Mattel.Inc give a doll to make consumer believe, create, have fun, imagine and much more. These are some Retired Barbie Dolls. Guess, what they all have something to tell or something that identify them. Can you Guess what it is?

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Business Marketing

         Barbie dolls are Consumer product. They are consumer products because they are used for personal consumption or as a gift. We need to know how to differentiate a business product from a consumer product. Nowadays, there many children that want their parent to buy then a technological apparatus. Something as an cellphone or a tablet will not be considerate a consumer product because they needed for other action rather than for fun purposes. I do not expect my daughter or son to ask me to buy them business product that will not make then happy. Yes, it might help them find thing easily, however, what I expect is for them to have a happy childhood playing normally. I would like my daughters to play with Barbie as I used to do when I was a little girl.
        The advances in technology have make our life very easy to deal with. Before we do not have the facilitation of buying things online. Today days, I have the ability to find things a want to buy that I can not find in a store.For example, one Barbie from any collection. It is difficult to find Barbie dolls from all generations. In addition there is exist now "Digital Barbie Dolls"which is like a program consumer buy them and can buy them clothes and accessories online too. However, there might be consumer or buyer that will not be willing to buy the digital dolls. The market consists of different types of consumers or customer, products and need. As a result, many thing are created in order to satisfy their wants. First, the market need to reassure or determine the segment that offers the best opportunities.In Barbie dolls and accessories consumers are grouped served in many different types of ways based in geography, psychographic, demographic and behavioral factors. Barbie is a doll very famous among many nationalities and cultures that is why Mattel.Inc divide the market in different groups of consumers or buyer as cause of their need, characteristics or behaviors. Also, because consumers or buyers might require separate products or marketing program that is called Marketing segmentation.

       There are seven business types of business products. These are: major equipment, accessory equipment, raw materials, component parts, processed materials, supplies, and business service. All businesses, which produce a consumer product need of these to complete the production of their products. For example, Barbie dolls need plastic, paints, cloths, etc. All of those complete the production of the dolls and make consumer happy if all specification are followed. After that steps all product are sold to different retails and from the retails to consumers. Before the advances in technology many business contract were made face to face, the vendor and the buyer. Business buy the dolls in big quantities and they are the one that decide the promotion and sales of the products. The more products a business buy the more cheaper the cost. However, sometime retails or other business cannot afford to buy big quantity of a product. Today, many people make transaction and contract by using technological devices. The reasons is that is convenient for both parties and less time is spent. Barbie doll is a very attractive product and that is why they never fall in the market.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Segmenting and Targeting Markets

      Barbie dolls is not product in the market that is needed for a consumer to survive. However, many parent gives or buys these dolls to their daughters in order to make them happy and for them to growth in a childhood full of fantasies. Barbie dolls are unique, for those reason there still very popular among girls and collectors. Barbe dolls market segmentation is very important in the success of the dolls. Every costumer or consumer have different needs, which are to be fulfilled with different Barbie dolls that Mattel.Inc offer. Not only with Barbie dolls with help consumer with the want the Brand have many products to choose from as accessories, clothes, furniture and much more. That is why Marketers know what a costumer want or need when they choose Barbie brand.

     The Based for segmenting consumer Market are easy to identify in the Market of Barbie dolls. Geographically Barbie dolls are the more internationalized dolls of all epoch this characteristic have given them more popularity through the passing time. Barbie dolls are sold out every where and many retails sell them nationally and internationally. It is good to know that in Geography Segmentation Barbie does not have problem. Another segmentation that the company focus is the demography, most commercials targets are little girls. In most of Barbie commercial we can see that there is a girl or more playing with Barbie dolls.They are the most important target market because they always want to makes they parents to buy them a new dolls. I haven see a commercial where a collector is seen or shown, however, at the end of most of the commercial they might tell where the dolls can be found. There are more girl than collector in the entire world, as a result most targets are little girls.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Developing and Managing Products

  Barbie products  can be considerate as the most innovative. The company is always putting into the market new things. Mattel likes to be innovative, we know this because with Barbie they have changed her face through the passing decades and there are Barbie products coming into the market most of the time. A product can be new to anybody who does not know about it, however in the case of Barbie is difficult to find a person who do not know about this doll. Barbie is very popular as cause of the innovation the company always trying to launch new Barbie lines and products. When we see any of those old Barbie commercials it make us think that our mothers play with the dolls, that we played with 
them and that in the future our daughter will collect or play with them, also.
        In 2003-2004 Mattel launched the first wave of Cali Girl. These dolls became the highest selling Barbie doll that have been created. The success was thanked to the new development and design of the doll which catches the attention of the consumers. I still can remember my Cali Barbie and my Cali guy. I wanted to collect all the dolls but I could not do it. I like to remember my childhood because it was a moment of playing, running around and asking mommy or daddy to buy a new Barbie doll. On the other hand, as we know Mattel, Inc. is the world's largest toy company based on revenue. This of making high profits from their products is cause by the new product development process. With this process the company examine the product and the market before the toys are to be launched in the market. For example, Barbie is a doll that have growth through every generation. The doll never fall because is always changing and that what consumers like.

                               THE CHANGE IN BARBIE DOLLS 

        When a Mattel is to make one of those new Barbie lines or products they have to follow first the steps of the new product development process. The first one is the New Product Strategy which lead them to different ideas of the product they creating. The second, is the idea Generation this idea deals more with the need for consumers and customers. Then we have the Idea Screening which is to eliminate ideals that does not help the product. Then, we have the Business Analysis which is when the business is study and where they get calculations of demand, profits, etc. In the development the company make the prototype of the product. Then, we have Test Marketing where the products or the toys are introduced to the market in limited proportions. The last stage is the Commercialization, where the big production, inventory, shipping, etc, start. The production of Barbie would not be possible without following these steps, that why many companies fails.
       Barbie dolls and accessories do not have problem to sell into the big retails or smalls because even when the company follows the process of development they still need to make advertisement and promotion. So, that way the market is targeted and the product be known by the consumers.